How can I check the RERA Approved projects in Bengaluru?

Bengaluru projects with RERA approval win clients’ trust right away. However, a property that has been certified by the authorities has several advantages. Also, the Karnataka government has digitalized the entire procedure to simplify it. In addition, citing this a house buyer in Bangalore can now simply check the RERA approve developments. Also, This blog will help you to understand How can I check the RERA Approved Projects in Bengaluru.

For unfamiliar people, RERA for Real Estate Regulatory Authority is India’s top authority on real estate regulation and certification. In addition, the RERA Act was passed in 2016 and protected widespread fraudulent and criminal activity in the real estate sector. 

Where can I find RERA Approved projects in Bengaluru?

Here is a brief guide to assist purchasers in finding Bangalore’s projects that have received RERA approval.

  • Hit the first click on the website Homepage of RERA, Karnataka 
  • Then, click on the services tab 
  • Then, select the Project status from the drop-down menu 

Here, the drop-down menu will be listed below:

  • Applications Applied for Registration 
  • Applications Approved
  • Applications Rejected
  • Application Under process
  • Application Withdrawn
  • Application third-party transfer 
  • Applications Under Query 
  • Applications Applied for Completion 

Moreover, click the submit button after selecting the applications applied for completion option and entering the project name, application number, district, registration number, promoter, or company name. And then, examine the information on the certification to learn all there is to know about Bangalore’s RERA-approved projects.

What is the process to check the real estate agent in Bengaluru is registered under RERA?

In RERA Act, if a real estate agent follows the guidelines outlined. However, they may also receive the certification. Then, dealing with RERA-approved real estate brokers gives the buyers an extra layer of authenticity. As a result, you may check the RERA Approved property sellers in Bangalore by following these simple steps:

  • Go to the official portal of RERA Karnataka 
  • Hit the next click on the Service tab 
  • Then, choose the agent option from the drop-down menu 
  • You can select the options from the multiple tabs 
  • Once you decide, then hit the applications approved option. 
  • Visit the search tab, enter the name of your agent 
  • Hit the next click on the Submit button 

After the final submission, you may view the agent’s information on the screen. In addition, the name of the company, registration number, and operation districts typically included in the details. 

Benefits You Get in RERA-Approved Projects 

Bangalore RERA Approved projects offer a variety of advantages. Additionally, check out the following section to learn about the proposed benefits if you haven’t decided on a property yet:

  • If a property has RERA approval, there is very little probability of counterfeiting. Before awarding the seal of approval, the responsible authorities conduct a thorough investigation. 
  • Developers are subject to steep fines if the properties are always due to an error on their end. RERA Approved projects guarantee that the cost is determined over the real carpet area and that the property is properly priced. 
  • If a buyer exercise this right at least 45 days before the scheduled possession date. As they are entitled to cancel the property purchase and receive a full refund. 
  • The competent authorities have established an appellate tribunal by the RERA Act. Any complaints o claims made against the developer have been expedited thanks to this tribunal. 

RERA Approval Projects in Bengaluru 

Here, we help you to find the fundamental requirements and costs for Bengaluru RERA Approved projects in the section that follows:

RERA Qualification Standards 

The property must fall under one of the following categories to be approved by RERA.

  • Find commercial, residential, and planned development properties. 
  • The property should have an area larger than 500 square meters. 
  • Redevelopment properties can ask the authorities for RERA clearance.

RERA Approval Charges in Bengaluru 

We have listed the applicable fees for the various project categories in the table below.

Project TypeDetailsFee
Plotted DevelopmentResidential plotsRs 5 per sq m (Upper limit Rs 5 lakh)
Group Housing ProjectsArea </= 1000 sq mRs 5 per sq m
Area </= 1000 sq mRs 10 per sq m
Mixed Development ProjectArea less </= 1000 sq mRs 10 per sq m
Area > 1000 sq mRs 15 per sq m
Commercial Real Estate ProjectsArea </= 1000 sq mRs 20 per sq m
Area > 1000 sq mRs 25 per sq m
Late Fees Charged by RERA KarnatakaArea </= 1000 sq mRs 5 lakh
Area >  1000 sq mRs 7 lakh

Final Words

We hope the above information was helpful for you to know about How to Check RERA Approved Projects in Bengaluru. As this is one of the best way to property in bengaluru.


What is the difference between RERA-approved and RERA registered?

RERA authorization means RERA registration. To register their project, every builder is required to follow various rules for approvals, land titles, insurance, etc…

Is RERA required in Bangalore?

Yes, every real estate project, whether residential or commercial, in Karnataka, must be registered with RERA.

Is RERA a requirement for loans?

Every project must register and adhere to the RERA rules (if they haven’t done so already). The concerned project’s RERA registration number is contained in the RERA certificate. Account Details for the relevant project that have been validated by RERA and are appropriately stamped and signed by the developer on letterhead bearing that seal.

How do I verify my Bangalore RERA-approved projects?

If a buyer is buying a property, they should investigate its specifics to ensure that there are no pending legal challenges. You can check the status of a project in Bangalore by visiting the Karnataka RERA website

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